Conscience, Popoto Series by Jono More

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width: 1520mmheight: 760mmmedia: Areosol Stencil on Canvasframed: Box Canvas

Graffiti is a form of communication.


But what it normally communicates – is not to everyone’s taste.


Jono More, however, is a tagger with a conscious and a cause.


His work is not about sex or violence – it is about saving dolphins.


Jono More’s weapon of choice is a spray can and he is using it to fight for the world’s rarest dolphins

- the hector and maui.


He says “it’s a crucial time for them right now and they need to be in the public eye.”


Hector dolphins number just 7000.


Their North Island cousins – the maui – are critically endangered, there are just over a hundred of them left.


According to a government report as many as 150 hector and maui dolphins die in commercial nets every year.


Jono has been wasting no time stencilling his dolphins around the country from Banks Peninsula to

the walls of parliament.


He says that his brand of graffiti is having an effect. “It does have power. It’s going to remind the people who see the paintings that they are a part of this country – and that’s all I could ask for – they belong here and they need to stay here.”



Width: 1520mm
Height: 760mm
Media: Areosol Stencil on Canvas
Framing: Box Canvas
Sales price: $1950.00
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